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At Wells Solicitors, we understand that family matters.  When it comes to Family Law, Wells Solicitors offers a prompt and caring service with the highest quality legal advice on matters such as: 

  • Divorce
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Children matters
  • Financial Settlements
  • Injunctions/Domestic Violence





Have you made a Will?  Making a Will gives peace of mind in knowing that you have provided for your family and loved ones. 

What would happen if you were to die without making a Will? Would what you want to happen to your assets happen? Perhaps not!

Have you thought about protecting your assets for your children or loved ones so that they will definitely benefit after you have passed away, whilst making sure that your spouse or partner have a secure home to live in for their lifetime?

If you are not married but living with someone, do you know what will happen to them or to your assets if you did not make a Will to ensure your wishes are carried out?

What if after you pass away, your spouse were to re-marry? What happens to the assets in that situation?

It is the case that many adults in the country have not made a Will which will ensure their assets go to those whom they want to benefit and that the rules of intestacy (when someone dies without making a Will) do not dictate what happens to your money, home and other assets.

Why not book an appointment with Wells Solicitors to discuss what your options are in making a Will or to discuss what would happen if you do not make a Will and who might benefit in those circumstances?



We provide Probate services which deals with the estate of someone who has died.  

Wells Solicitors offer various options for assisting you in relation to your Probate needs.  

We can offer a comprehensive service dealing with all of the administration of the Estate of your loved one who has passed away or we are able to offer more targeted options where you do some of the work and we will deal with the application for Probate or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) on your behalf.

Our Fees

Our full comprehensive service in dealing with the administration of the Estate on your behalf is carried out on an hourly basis and fees start from around £3,000 plus VAT and Disbursements (this is costs that we would have to pay on your behalf, such as the court fee, copies of official documents from the Land Registry and such like). As a general guide the fees will usually be around 2% of the gross Estate.

Our hourly rate for this work, depending on who is working on the file, is £275 to £295 per hour plus VAT. In all cases, here and below where the fees are fixed, there will be separate disbursements payable.  

We are also able to offer targeted help to anyone dealing with an Estate and this would be to obtain the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration only. The level of those fees, depending on the circumstances of the Estate, are between £1,500 and £2,500 plus VAT and disbursements.  

Should you wish to discuss any of the above, please telephone the office for an appointment and home visits are available upon request.



Powers of Attorney allows someone else to deal with your affairs on your behalf and when you are no longer able. 


Please see below a selection of our recent client feedback:

"I was very pleased at the way my Will was dealt with, lots of information was given which was very helpful by Kate Wells. I would also recommend family and friends to use Wells Solicitors."

Mrs S (Upminster)


"My application for Lasting Powers of Attorney was processed promptly and efficiently by Ms Wells and her friendly staff."

Mrs G (Upminster)


"Many thanks to Alison and Kate for all your hard work, commitment and excellent attention to detail right from the start and up to the divorce completion. They say recommendation is the best advertisement, it sure was for me. Thank you again."

Mr M (Hertfordshire)


"Getting divorced is not a pleasant personal experience but Wells Solicitors did make the process easier by being efficient and giving clear advice."

Mr S (Upminster)


"A friendly service which is honest and has excellent knowledge of the law regarding child matters."

Mrs K (London)


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